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Kirkwood Schools and Eyeseeme on Eliminating the Opportunity & Achievement Gaps.

Jeffrey Blair |

Here's something I want to see happen at every school in the St. Louis Region.

Step 1. PTO purchase gift cards for every teacher in the building to Eyeseeme bookstore.

Step 2. Every teacher go to EyeSeeMe to meet Pamela Blair and her staff for "the most incredible professional development."

The reason why is what I heard at the Kirkwood school board meeting tonight, the report from Principal Jennifer Sisul updating actions taken as a result of the Task Force to Eliminate Opportunity & Achievement Gaps. The part where she talks about EyeSeeMe is so powerful -- starting at 19:55 in the video: https://www.facebook.com/KirkwoodSchoolDistrict/videos/1839984199351585/

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