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The Hidden Secrets of the True Israelites

Author/Illustrator: charmain D Ford
Published April 30 2021
$ 2000 USD



As a student of Elder Shadrock Porter, Leader and Master Teacher of the Israelite Nation World Wide Ministries, it is with great honor that I say, we adhere to the Israelite religion, the only religion. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob, is the name we call our God as stipulated in Exodus 3:15. We keep the seventh day of the New Moon as a Sabbath. Our book is the authorized 1611 King James Version of the Bible. We believe that the Bible was written by Israelites, for Israelites and about Israelites. We are the authority of this book.

God was the first man. He created Adam in His own image and likeness. He created the earth and Adam was formed from the rich dark soil of the earth. Which means God was black, Adam was black, and the Israelites in the Bible were black as well. However, it is our duty to teach all Nations, including Gentiles, about our Father, who we sometimes refer to as the God of Israel. We do not call Him by any other name but that which was instructed in Exodus 3:15.

We follow the first and second testament. We do not refer to Jesus as God, Hebrews 2:9 clearly identifies who Jesus was, for he "was made lower than the angels..." In comparison, the Christ, which is the son of God was made "so much better than the angels..." and having authority over the angels, Hebrews 1:4. In many first testament scriptures, we see prophecies about Christ, for instance, Isaiah 9:6, we see Him as the son who was given, not Jesus.

We do not speak what is known today as the Hebrew language and the reasons why can be found in the section on 'Speaking Hebrew' on page 6. We follow the ordinances written in our book. We have developed and follow the Israelite calendar, which is based on the instructions in our holy book. With our constitution, we have established ourselves as a Nation within a Nation. We have our flag, our coat of arms, our policies and procedures. We have our own building and resting place, etc., and we live and dwell in our own culture.

In accordance with the Scriptures, our foundation is established on the precepts and principles as laid out by the patriarchs, prophets, priests, and apostles of the Israelite Doctrine. Our roots are deeply planted in the soil of prophecy, and that is why we understand. What we do is more than just a momentary practice. We are not just a race of people or a political movement. We are a spiritual people having a human experience, defined by our culture and way of life. We are the true Israelites.

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