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EyeSeeMe Promotes Family Fun & Literacy

“Most of the books that I see at a public library or my school library don’t have many African-American people in them. But a lot of the books here do.” This should not be! Thank you to my friends Jeffrey Blair and Pamela Blair for bringing positive change to the St Louis region. ❤

EdCamp STL at Eyeseeme​

As an educator, I have learned that most students take pride in knowing that they have a place somewhere within the annals of history. Hence, it is my heart-felt notion that Eyeseeme is a strategic learning tool designed to instill self-appreciation, tolerance, and reconciliation of all people among the human race.

Avery W. McNeil, Ed.S.
Georgia Educator


Transformational education empowers the learners to construct meaningful lives built on a clearer understanding of themselves and the history that shaped their lives. Interactive and family-based activities with the purpose of restoring knowledge of self and community facilitate deeper learning and nurture the innate ability to, individually or collectively, recreate the mind, soul and spirit of the child, family and community.

Eyeseeme offers learning experiences that embody the elements of transformational education. Children and parents have the opportunity to connect with the truth about themselves and their rich historical past through shared experiences of self discovery.

Elaine Belanger-Porter,