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Social Situation Survival Guide: How to Meet People, Manage Anxiety, and Feel Confident in Any Setting

Author/Illustrator: Michelle Schusterman , Julia Christians
Release Date: Jul 9th, 2024
Age: Ages 9-13
$ 1299 USD


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Making friends, joining activities, and meeting new people can be nerve-racking! This guidebook is full of tried-and-true advice for striking up a conversation, recovering from an embarrassing moment, giving a class presentation without freaking out—and so much more.

As you grow up, you’ll be presented with all kinds of exciting opportunities: making friends, discovering what you love to do, and learning new things. But sometimes these joyful milestones come with challenges. 

Certain social situations can feel like navigating a maze. How do you strike up a conversation with someone new at school or camp? What should you do when you see someone being bullied? How do you help a friend who is going through a tough time? Through quizzes, advice from experts, and stories from real girls, you’ll learn exactly what to do and say when . . . 

- You’re the new kid at school, camp, science club—you name it!
- You have a super embarrassing moment 
- You want to try something different, like auditioning for the school play 
- You hurt someone’s feelings and want to apologize 
 - And more!

With this book, you’ll feel ready to handle whatever comes your way!

Age Range:  8 - 12

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