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The Renegades Project Neptune

Author/Illustrator: Jeremy Brown | David Selby
$ 1499 USD



The Renegades are once again called to a climate emergency — sea levels are rising, and it can spell disaster for Earth!

Our climate change superheroes Katelyn, Mo, Leon and Amazon activist Alma need to use their combined knowledge to ensure that rising sea levels don't destroy ecosystems and cause the extinction of strange creatures in the mangrove forests of Bangladesh.

The Renegades: Flames Project Neptune follows on from the popular The Renegades: Arctic Meltdown and The Renegades: Flames of Amazonia comic books. Packed full of action and climate activism, this book: 

   • Is a dynamic, lively comic book storytelling format — low on words, high on action.
   • Was created by a team of students and is made for young people by young people.
   • Has a non-fiction section at the back that explains key science ideas.
Our protagonists have been tracking their nemesis supervillain, Jason Greenleaf. With a new plot up his sleeve — a new serum he’s developing — and his new friends The League, the Renegades must confront multiple challenges, the least of which is the impending rise of sea levels! 

Who can resist the temptation to go on a world-saving adventure? Together with the four protagonists, your teenager will fight rising sea levels, help save dying ecosystems and find out what the team's arch-nemesis is up to — and once again save the planet. 

This graphic novel for teenagers is filled with adventure, captivating artwork. It also addresses pressing environmental issues. Readers ages 12-17 will learn and understand modern threats to the ecology, and the story encourages them to be the superheroes of the real world.

The third book in The Renegade series, and following The Renegades Flames of the Amazonia, educates teenagers on the dire effect climate change is having on our planet, and what they can do to curb its effects.

Ages 10-17

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